Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy Earth!

Sandy Parsons, Salt Lake artist just posted this on facebook:

"In this time of revolution, of taking our power back, please don't forget to include our non-human brothers and sisters. They are the real majority on this planet and they need our voices to speak out for them. It is our economy of extraction and consumption that is destroying our environment. Please be aware of that correlation when you are asking leaders to increase jobs and boost the economy, because boosting it will only ...kill the Earth faster. Progress = Environmental Destruction. Please fight for "green jobs" and restoration projects instead. Please fight for local community gardens and plant-based diets. We are all connected to the environment and all life on Earth. 200 species are driven to excinction every day. Their fate is OUR fate. We cannot consume the planet and still live on it. Please wake up to this reality. Make Peace for ALL~"

Here's the link:

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